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In the File Forms section, select Quarterly Form 941/Schedule B – Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, select the filing period, and then click on OK. All QuickBooks reports offer the following reporting options, which can be found at the top of the report screen. In addition, all reports offer complete customization, along with the option to export any report to Microsoft Excel for further customization if desired. Available columns and filters differ for each report/group of reports because each draws information from the company file differently. Knowing report source and targets is particularly important when filtering reports.

The IRS imposes significant penalties for companies that do not follow the proper procedure for filing 1099 information timely. The reconciliation report is the final step in the bank reconciliation process and can be printed in either a summary or detail version. Note that the rows and columns must be substantively different. For example, you can’t put customers on the columns and vendors on the rows because both are part of the Name List. QuickBooks Desktop gives you the ability to collapse report columns related to jobs or classes.

Reports by class in QuickBooks Online

After reviewing all transaction types, re-run the detail account report. Management reports are more of a feature than a new type of report. Basically, it what is accounting and why it matters for your business allows you to format any of the existing reports into a good-looking PDF template, with a cover page, executive summary, and other beautiful components.

  • Reconciliation reports are available on all QuickBooks plans.
  • You may also run various payroll reports to view useful info about your business and employees.
  • QuickBooks Desktop includes a 1099 Summary report and a 1099 Detail report.
  • Learn how to view, edit, and send management reports in QuickBooks Online.
  • Over 100+ reports on the Plus plan may sound like enough for one lifetime.

They also fail to notice deals that were not renewed for another period, skewing the MRR stats in the process. At the same time, it doesn’t seem possible to even estimate either metric based on the data available in QBO. Accountant reports are something you may often want to export out of the platform – for further processing or to keep in your records. Each report can be saved in the standard way, as an Excel file or PDF.

You can add subtitle characters, but the date range is no longer displayed. If a report has a customized title, go to the Help menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help to see information about the base report from which it was developed. By creating a customized spending road map you can ensure you’re working toward your business goals. And give investors the financial statements they need to approve you for a loan. Moreover, you can memorize the report you generated to save its current customization settings. You can also run the Transaction List by Date to get a view on all payments made to a vendor.


You can modify this template to show profitability by sales rep, geography, customer fields, and more. Below are examples of reports you can build by accessing the raw data in QuickBooks. Customize starter templates like these, or build your own report to focus on the data that matters to you. Use this form to document which items are being returned to your vendors, and why. Use this form to document inventory items that are being scrapped so that you can adjust your inventory accordingly. Use this form to capture data on which items are being returned, who is returning them, and why they are being returned.

They make it easy to report and analyze data at will, and if you’re missing something, chances are you can customize the existing reports and find the information you need. Most standard accounting reports are also available for the Coupler.io export. These include Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Journal or Transaction List. Refer to the earlier chapters for instructions on how to set these up.

Types of QuickBooks Online Reports

They’ll provide guidance, answer your questions, and teach you how to do tasks in QuickBooks, so you can stay on track for tax time and run your business with confidence. Easily track and search for transactions based on the tags you created. Save time and quickly find what you’re looking for when you search by tag.

Custom Summary and Custom Transaction Detail reports

There are several elements that you can change which vary depending on the report you run. This article is part of a series that covers basic information about reports in QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks offers a good combination of ease of use and breadth or features. You can also focus on a specific account instead of running reports for everything. If you have concerns, you can post them here in the community.

Type a custom report name into the “Custom report name” field in the drop-down menu. I’ve tried different combinations of these transaction types and can’t get it to match the P&L. Depending on your type of business, there are some reports that may be more essential than others. For example, if you sell products, you’ll want good inventory reporting. If you use contractors, you’ll also need to print and file 1099s at year end.

Top 50 Accounting & Finance Products

If you’re more into Excel, we’ve recently added it as a destination too. First of all, decide on the report you’d like to use as a management report. You can use any of the existing reports but if you plan to make any adjustments to it, you will first need to save it as a custom report. Plenty of information about vendors can be fetched with Coupler.io.

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