Founding, Governance & Information

It was in September 2017 when two sailors met on a tropical island of one kingdom in the South Pacific Ocean. Far away from bustling society they watched the stars and shared a dream:

“A global society where we take care of each other and the planet we live on.”

One Captain returned home to establish the EarthFlag Foundation. The other Captain sailed the NorthWest Passage with 21 crew of 10 nationalities. On September 21st 2018, known as the international Day of Peace, they raised the Flag of Planet Earth on the last remaining artic ice as an act of unity in a world of separation.

EarthFlag.Foundation was registered as a legal entity on September 12, 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The current board members are Kees Zegers (statutory director), Clemens Oestreich (statutory director) and Chiel Liezenberg (statutory director).

Board members do not receive any remuneration other than a compensation for actual expenses made in relation to performing their role for or within the organisation, when required to do so. The organisation and projects are run by volunteers, enthusiasts and activists who believe in the EarthFlag as a symbol of global unity.

The EarthFlag, or – the Flag of Planet Earth – and/or the EarthFlag.Foundation – is by no means connected to any political party, vision, statement or legal claim. It is a symbol of love, to unite humanity for a bright future.

EarthFlag Foundation envisions to operate globally. For the moment, we have chosen to use the English Language for our website and official publications. We will soon start to present information in multiple languages.

Rights – Part of the public domain
All rights to the EarthFlag have been explicitly granted to the commons by its creators. It can be used without any limitation by any-body and claimed by no-body.

Inclusivity – One from many
Many flags have been proposed as the Flag of Planet Earth, but, for different reasons, none has been widely adopted. We believe the EarthFlag has all the characteristics to achieve such adoption. We are not aware of a better license-free alternative to achieve the ‘one-for-all’ objective, but in case a different flag proves to be more successful in this regard, we intend to follow our principle of ‘inclusivity over exclusivity’ and combine our efforts.

Policy Plan
Detailed information on EarthFlag.Foundation’s mission, objective and target group, the strategy to achieve this and the current status and planned projects/activities, is available in our EarthFlag Policy Plan 2020-2021.

Stichting EarthFlag Foundation
Veemarkt 36-D
1019 DD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

IBAN : NL90TRIO0788822594
RSIN : 860411540
KVK : 75829592
SBI : 94996


Unite Humanity

In today’s world of growing chaos and separation, we aim to unite humanity in its responsibility to take care of each other, and the planet we live on.


A Universal Symbol

We propose one universal symbol that every-body on the planet can subscribe to, and can be used to acknowlegde true leadership towards Earth and fellow citizens.


The EarthFlag

We will promote the global voluntary adoption of the EarthFlag by anyone on Planet Earth, by supporting people in projects that add to its legacy and adoption.


Global Adoption

Our mission and ultimate objective is the recognition and adoption of the EarthFlag and everything it stands for, by every-body on the planet.

One Flag. One Message.

Help us translate

We invite you to translate our EarthFlag.pdf in your native language so that we will ultimately have our message available in all living languages around the world. Your help is highly appreciated.